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AATTA Gin, Dry Scottish Gin

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Distillery Facts:
Founded in 2016, Orkney Distilling was established by Stephen and Aly Kemp, a husband and wife team based in Kirkwall, the capital of Orkney.
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AATTA Gin, Dry Scottish Gin is a hand-crafted Orkney Gin inspired by local history and folklore. Aatta, meaning eight in Old Norse, the language once spoken on the Orkney Islands. AATTA is a distinctive London Dry Gin, distilled an impressive eight times with eight botanicals.

Aatta is a complex and bright London Dry Gin. Whole Croatian juniper adds a piney and green freshness, fresh Sicilian oranges form a bright zest and dancing zing, hand-picked rose hips create a lively and slightly floral touch with the seeds inside giving another dimension, more earthy and rich. A few sticks of cinnamon add another earthy yet slightly sweet component and whole Madagascan vanilla gives the spirit a long and velvety finish.

70cl at 44% alc/vol. 


Sleek texture with balanced juniper, sweet orange zest, gently aromatic with a touch of floral vanilla and fruity tang.

Serving Suggestions

To serve, we would recommend Aatta over plenty of ice with a classic tonic, a wedge of orange and a sprig of rosemary if you like herbaceous notes.