Ardbeg Committee Members Wanted!

Ardbeg Committee Members Wanted!

Posted by Steve McGilvray on 26th Jan 2021

I was looking through some of my old papers and came across this letter from Stuart Thomson, the then distillery manager. I remember driving around Specialist whisky shops when the distillery was clos … read more

Finding Information On Whisky

Posted by Steve McGilvray on 3rd Jan 2021

We see lots of posts looking for answer questions about a special bottling, the price of a bottle or where can I find this bottle. All of this information is readily available for anyone to find, if t … read more

Collecting Whisky

Posted by Steve McGilvray on 18th Apr 2020

You will have seen in the media that Whisky is currently enjoying a purple patch, with auction prices hitting all time highs. If you have seen this and have decided that whisky collecting is for you, … read more

How do I Store Whisky?

Posted by Steve McGilvray on 4th Dec 2019

How to store whisky? If you are a collector or just enjoy drinking whisky, it is important that your whisky bottle, flask or decanter is stored correctly to protect your investment and the precious li … read more