Collecting Whisky

Posted by Steve McGilvray on 18th Apr 2020

You will have seen in the media that Whisky is currently enjoying a purple patch, with auction prices hitting all time highs. If you have seen this and have decided that whisky collecting is for you, … read more

How do I Store Whisky?

Posted by Steve McGilvray on 4th Dec 2019

How to store whisky? If you are a collector or just enjoy drinking whisky, it is important that your whisky bottle, flask or decanter is stored correctly to protect your investment and the precious li … read more

Whisky tariffs

Posted by Steve McGilvray on 4th Oct 2019

There will be several losers when the new US tariffs on whisky come into effect. The producers and distributors may see the rate of growth slow, but the consumer will take most of the pain as these in … read more